Our Corporate Friends

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49 Responses to “Our Corporate Friends”

  • Diane Falk:

    Bravo, sir…Bravo!

  • Thaddeus Kozubal:

    The Supreme Court is starting to write their own book of fairy tales. Who will buy it?

  • gerry stephan:

    The supreme court is wrong! Some beliefs do not believe in anything medical. They believe only in prayer healing. They going do deny employees medical help or fire them if they do get medical help. Where do we draw a line?

  • gerry stephan:

    Regardless of how ar what it believe I do not and will not tell my neighbor what they can or cannot do with themselves.

    • MrDrT:

      That’s an adult position. You won’t tell your neighbor who owns a company what healthcare coverage they are required to provide.

  • jim glathar:

    this supreme court isn’t even embarrassed at it’s lame decisions. they don’t even try to make a reasonable excuse for their idiocracy.

  • John P.:

    Nothing has been denied. We just don’t have to pay for certain procedures or ‘medications.’

    • Wendy:

      I sure hope, that in addition to denying women reproductive healtcare , you deny coverage for Viagra, Cialis (regular or for “DAILY use”. Fair is fair, and unlike birth control pills which are used for so many OTHER health care issues besides birth control, those medications treat nothing but a man’s ability to achieve an erection-hardly a medical need, just a man’s way of defining himself as a “man.”
      Oh, and in keeping with your “deeply held religious beliefs”, i would expect you to sell all the stock you own in companies who manufacture birth control MEDICATIONS. Otherwise, you just expose the lie of your “deeply held religious beliefs.”

    • elisabeth:

      so this means corporations play GOD and decide who can get meds or not? Totally insane! If you don’t want to get meds for you sick child, go ahead and pray! But don’t impose religious beliefs on my kid or my family and deny us what we do believe in, science!!

    • It’s the woman’s private insurance plan that is part of her salary and benefit package that is providing payment, not us.

    • Susan:

      What gives them the right to DECIDE which “medicines” their employees can have??? Do they now have the right to PRACTICE medicine? This is exactly why we need Unions – to put those greedy small minded Corporate Bastards in check.

    • Cindy:

      You’re still paying the same. Now you just have less benefits. that’s if you work at
      Hobby Lobby or some other jack off place.

    • BigChief:

      Healthcare is a individuals personal concern. As is that individuals religious beliefs. Its a very simple concept employers pay for thier employees healthcare, the healthcare provided by that employer is a standard that applies to all healthcare plans. Which is more reasonable that the individual employees religious beliefs dictate what healthcare they accept our deny or that the employer make that personal religious based decision for every individual they employ. As the owner they have the right to refuse healthcare for themselves for their own personal use for any reason. Why should that one individual employers religious belief supersede that of all the people they employ. I believe it is against the constitution to let one individual make those decisions for anyone else let alone the thousands of people they employ.

  • joshua pickard:

    I did not agree with this in the beginning, but it does show the need for unions. When the government says it’s OK for companies to do as they believe we need unions to make them do as they should.

    • I agree one hundred percent. Balance of power is needed.

    • MrDrT:

      Thats an excellent plan if you want the US to look like Detroit.

    • Len:

      Right. Because every country in the world that has high rates of unionization looks like Detroit. Think Germany, the country that outperforms the US on so many levels by working less hours with more vacation time and benefits. Oh yeah. And unions.
      Germany hasn’t looked like Detroit since the 1950’s.

  • Frank Yost:

    We draw the line at stupidity. Or misunderstanding.

    The Supreme Court didn’t prevent people from getting treatments. It only said HL is not required to make certain they have it.

    It’s like the difference between not backing a cake and sewing your mouth shut.

    • Neener:

      Spoken like a man who has never tried to buy an IUD. They’re expensive, Frank. Too expensive as an out-of-pocket expense for a young minimum wage worker. Had it not been for this ruling, insurance would have paid for it.

    • Doug Rowan:

      Um shows how little you know about hobby lobby. They start people at roughly 3 Times minimum wage, they have Sundays off because HL wants this to be a day off for family. They also have a great benefits plan, and have for years, long before obamacare came along and screwed everything up, and make NO mistake, this issue came around because of ACA, NOT just out of the blue. You are perfectly fine with the federal government FORCING businesses to pay for what they feel you should have to pay for regardless, but when a business thinks individuals should pay for some things themselves, you think that’s wrong? Ugh. As a business owner, taxes, fees, expenses are bad enough without having to be forced to pay for things I might be fundamentally against, but hey it’s ok to force me. If you want to take the day after pill, buy it yourself!

    • Cindy:

      The difference is, do corporations have to follow laws or are there loopholes, not unlike the tax codes for the rich?

  • Linda adams:

    The constitution is law not the bible! I’m making up a belief so my grand kids will never be killed in thier stupid wars! I shouldn’t have to pay taxes either, it’s against my religon!

  • Raymond:

    Since corporations are now people the death penalty has been abolished. How can we execute General Moters for killing over 50 humans?

    • Doris:

      Good point. Clearly corporations do not apply to the same rules as people, for a good reason, they do have more social and economic responsibilties than an average person. Thus, anything ruled considering corporation as people, such as religion believes, is idiotic. When supreme court justices can’t rule with a pair of fair eyes, maybe they should be recalled. Last time i check, people, who own companies, have their personal account seperate from their business account. Thus your peraonal lives and believes should be seperated from your businesses

  • I guess corporations can avoid paying taxes by not believing in them. Wait too late

    • MrDrT:

      Actually corporations don’t pay taxes. Their “taxes” are passed along to their customers in the form of higher prices.

  • jason:

    hobby lobby believes that abortion kills a person. a lot of people share that belief. none of you are contributing anything meaningful worth all of your hyperbole.

  • Mike Williams:

    Take this identical situation and change the religious belief to Islam and all the same “public opinion mob” would be crying to defend the Muslim Company’s rights to practice their religious belief. Both are fairy tales… The hypocrisy and the cowardice to only “stand up” and rally against Christian radicalism while protecting and defending Muslim radicalism is laughable….

  • Messenger:

    Making fun of those who have religious inclinations is a sign of both stupidity and ignorance.
    Look around you, there are two ways to live life. As if nothing is a miracle or if everything is one.
    Reflect on your life.

  • InfoGiver:

    So many people clearly misunderstand this. This ONLY relates to small family owned businesses, where the business is the private property of a single person/family with religious beliefs – as I understand it, anyhow. If so, who cares? Abandon them in droves.

    • InfoCorrector:

      small? According to their website Hobby Lobby has opened 37 stores nationwide in 2014 alone. This is the walmart of crafts not some mom and pop shop.

      The problem here is that the Supreme Court has allowed a corporation to exempt itself from following the law because of its owner’s religions beliefs. This is a slippery slope. Can’t an Amish-owned business now exempt itself from providing anyone any healthcare at all?

      But more than that, a corporation is a legal fiction. It is simply an organization of people. If an organization of people can ignore laws that are against the owner’s religions beliefs, then individual people can do the same. Can’t an Islamic-extremist exempt himself from following murder laws if he believes his religion commands the killing of ‘infidels?’ What about satanists or people who believe in animal sacrifice (Santeria)? Don’t they get to ignore those pesky animal cruelty laws for their religion? Can’t Mormons refuse to follow Polygamy laws?

      Who defines what is a ‘valid’ religion? Every religion already believes all the others are wrong anyway. What’s to stop someone from forming a religion tomorrow that believes any law it dislikes is ‘unrighteous’? Maybe tomorrows religion commands gay marriage, underage marriage, slavery…

      The very purpose of laws is to create order amongst people who harbor different beliefs and ideas about how to live. If you can exempt yourself from them because you disagree with them, they have no purpose.

    • Stephanie Sipe:

      Actually, you completely misunderstand the SCOTUS decision. The court found for “closely held corporations” not “small family owned businesses, where the business is the private property of a single person/family.” A closely held corporation “has more than 50% of the value of its outstanding stock owned (directly or indirectly) by 5 or fewer individuals…” (IRS) Examples of “closely held” corporations: Cargill, Mars, Koch Industries, and other closely held corporations have tens of thousands of employees (in Cargill’s case, 133,000) and many billions in business and profit. Hobby Lobby is a huge business.

    • Ctk8mom:

      Privately owned does not equate to small. Hobby Lobby happens to employ over 15,000 employees in hundreds of stores. Not small.

    • Rick:

      You’re the one who doesn’t understand. The ruling doesn’t apply to “small businesses” it applies to “closely held” corporations. A “closely held” corporation means five or fewer people own more than 50% of the corporation. It’s estimated that 90% of American businesses would qualify, and that over 50% of people work for one. Hobby Lobby is ANYTHING but a “small” business. From their own website http://www.hobbylobby.com/our_company/ they have 576 stores and say they are “listed as a major private corporation in Forbes and Fortunes list of America’s LARGEST private companies.” The rights of ANY corporation to religious beliefs end where they start to interfere with the religious beliefs of their employees.

    • Aesop:

      Except now it’s applying to “Christian Universities” and other businesses. Less than three days after the initial ruling the court has already expanded the definition to include several colleges with a religious bent. This ruling now affects college students and university faculty. It is not only small businesses nor is it family businesses.

  • kizze von spaet:

    At what point did corporations get imbued with souls? I think I missed that black mass.

  • The Green Family has been clearly identified as knowingly investing 401K $ into investments which produce abortion drugs, the day after pill and other medications related to the abortion industry. They are said to have profited $74 Million to date on these accounts. The justices never took the facts that making profits from investments by the same people objecting to providing health care insurance which included coverage that would assist women and young ladies in managing their life. It is unlikely that the Greens will show up on their employers doorstep after she as a single parent, has burnt through her sick leave, FMLA time and vacation days; to provide assistance with daycare, co-parenting, added financial assistance for food, clothing, heating and cooling of the home the child is being raised. The cost of rent or house payment where the child is being raised. However you can bet they will oppose Federal-State assisted programs that promote feeding families who fall below the poverty level and who while in the employment of the Green Family fall into that category. But praise be to the sky because it feels better when you crap on your neighbor!

  • armenaleg:

    Has nothin to do wit small business at all, if the corps is 51% or more, by a single family, their religion becomes corporate law…isn’t that just dandy

  • Nedd:

    My imaginary corporate person doesn’t believe in wasting money on quack treatments like homeopathy among others.

  • Marge:

    Single payer healthcare program would eliminate this issue and keep Religion out of healthcare.

  • Wendy McMullin:

    So, if you don’t agree with this corp’s policies, don’t work there and don’t buy anything from them. We have separation of church and state in this country but there are not, nor should there be, any oversite of a private company’s right to have teligious affiliatiations/views. If the supreme court had made a different decision here THAT would have violated our constitution!

  • Edward:

    A company’s owners beliefs should be moot. They certainly have the right not to receive any medical treatment they disapprove of, but not to ignore federal law because it allows others to go against their beliefs. They don’t want to pay for insurance because the insurance pays for birth control? Too bad. I don’t want to pay for cops who racially profile my neighbors. I don’t want to pay for wars where my son might get killed while trying to kill someone else’s son. I sure as hell don’t want to pay for this idiotic argument to be tried before the Supreme Court! But we don’t get to pick and choose what laws we can obey because our say they go against our faith, not when acting as a corporate entity! If the owners of HL are Christian, they should be aware already of Christ’s ruling on that: “Tender unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s”. Jesus certainly did not agree with Roman laws and customs, but he did not urge the Jews to revolt or defy the law. Allowing HL to skirt the law because of religious reasons opens the door for EVERY law to be voluntary rather than mandatory. Think and pray on what that will lead to…

  • Barbara:

    This is about money, not religion, or abortion, or morality, or anything else. Just money.

  • Charlene:

    @infogiver…what you clearly misunderstand is that it DOESN’T relate only to family owned businesses. Supreme Court rulings have far reaching effects. This opens the door to corporations denying you rights to equal care based on what they claim is a religious belief.

    Now corporations have legal standing as a “person” for two purposes. Money as “free speech” and the right to deny certain healthcare measures based on “religious belief”.

    Play it out. Corporations are bottom line entities. This isn’t a religious debate. If it saves them money, or makes them profits, then they do it. What if all “small” corporations decide to label themselves as Christian Science – a religion which prohibits medical intervention. You think this won’t move to large corporations? The fourteenth amendment argument will be rolled out. Equal protection under the law. If small family owned corporations don’t have to pay, neither do large corporations. They’re all “people” under the law…at least according to this atrocious decision.

    If you honestly think this is a religious debate in any way, shape, or form, then go ahead and stick your head in the sand. But you’re blithely handing over your rights to CORPORATIONS. So don’t go crying when one of them decides that their “religion” prohibits something that you count on every day. Like your prescription drug plan.

  • Juan:

    So will this same corporation deny Viagra for thier male employees? Was that part of the supreme courts decision. No!

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  • John Cook:

    How DO we find something that will appeal to the masses? A task almost unimaginable. If there is something that can be found, we will have millions claiming it’s great, and millions who are not at all satisfied, and a few thousand who can still think…