Scott Walker of Wisconsin, June 5, 2012

This is a brave day and a sad day for Wisconsin, America, organized labor, healthcare, education, and regular people. If you don’t take private jets, have a private security force and live on a gated compound, it’s a sad day for you. It’s a happy day for corporations, billionaires and their employees in Congress and the Supreme Court. It’s a happy day for Mitt Romney who is having a fund raiser tonight in the mansion of a Texas billionaire who owns a collection of paintings by Adolf Hitler.

If there is a Heaven, my Great Grandfather Thomas Jefferson Cunningham is either crying or shaking his fist or probably both. He was a loyal union Democrat who worked in the cabinet of Progressive  Wisconsin Governor Robert “Fighting Bob” LaFolette. Wisconsin was a pioneering state in worker’s rights. T. J. was born in Brooklyn after his parents arrived at Ellis Island from Ireland. As a young man he traveled to Wisconsin with a portable printing press and started a newspaper. He loved his family. He loved his country. He loved the dignity of working people.
I don’t think we should return to the Gilded Age. I don’t think we should live in a country that money can buy. I don’t know if this is what facebook is for, but it’s what I’m for.
When Scott Walker says he’s fighting for the Wisconsin tax payers, he means he’s fighting for them to foot the bill for tax dodging billionaires and corporations. He’s fighting for them to loose their union rights, their education system, their police and fire protection, their health care, and yeah, that means their reproductive rights too. He’s fighting for middle class tax payers to turn against other middle class people still in unions. He wants the workers no longer in unions to say: “Hey, we’re fucked, why shouldn’t you be too?” He’s fighting to, as he said in his own words, “divide and conquer” the middle class.
If you’re interested in seeing Scott Walker’s vision of America, take a look at South America.
End of Unions = end of the Democratic  Party = Karl Rove’s dream of Corporate Fascist single party rule in America made reality for generations.